Dear RigaDevDays community member,

We have the feeling that it is our obligation to write this blog post to all of you who believe in this event and have already bought the ticket yet are nervous about what the future will bring.

First thing to say – we have not cancelled the conference. We have postponed it because Your safety is our first and only concern.

We will use the first opportunity to reschedule the conference when the Covid-19 outbreak gets limited, when the state of emergency in Latvia and other countries will be called off and when all the businesses and services will be back on track. To be honest, we are hoping that early November, 2020 is the time when we will all meet at RigaDevDays 2020. That is our intention and we are now coordinating the new dates with our speakers. Still, we depend on the global tackling of the outbreak of the virus and encourage you to be patient, stay in self-isolation, practice social distancing and stay healthy.

Since the conference is postponed and not cancelled, we are not refunding the tickets. Instead, we guarantee that all the bought tickets will be valid for this conference taking place later this year.

The state of Force Majeure has prevented us from fulfilling our intentions to run this event in May, and this is not our free choice. Quite opposite, the conference was so close that it was 90% ready and now we are facing the harsh consequences in the state of global lockdown.

Please understand that there are a lot of resources and finances already spent in making RigaDevDays 2020 happen in the originally scheduled dates and we want to postpone the event with the least additional losses.

Our team members are passionate about what we do and we have already spent many hours of hard work to make RigaDevDays 2020 happen. Our partners – travel agency, hotel, conference venue, catering service, technical team, filming crew, designer, web developers, swag companies and many other involved services and individuals are also all put on halt because conferences around the world are forced to stop for the purpose of common safety.

Therefore our most sincere wish is that we all understand each other and calmly wait out the times of self-isolation in the name of a better future together. We are eager to deliver you even better content in RigaDevDays when it will take place later in 2020!


Truly yours,

RigaDevDays 2020 team