After long hours of discussion and consideration, we have come to this very hard decision of cancelling RigaDevDays 2020. Due to the risks associated with COVID-19, we are not able to offer you the same high-quality conference experience like in the previous years because most of the speakers won’t be able to attend the conference, and your networking experience will be affected by social distancing measures. Plus, an online conference format doesn’t seem like a good enough alternative to us. Although many hours were spent preparing the conference, we believe that this is the best move to make, considering all the mentioned factors. Those who had purchased tickets will receive a full refund.
Our wish is that you understand that both your health and conference experience are very valuable to us, therefore we want to do what is best for you!
We hope to see you in RigaDevDays when the time is right.

Truly yours,
RigaDevDays Team