Case Study: Taming High Traffic Cloud APIs

04.11.2020, 12:00-13:00
Talk, EN

Adobe is a case study in moving from traditional software delivery to the cloud. Transitioning from DVD shipping to global scale SaaS and PaaS products has not been an easy journey, to say the least. Cloud products come with high expectations and tight service level terms and agreements, four nines at least.

In this talk I will guide you through our journey on building and operating Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring, a subscription management system that empowers video content providers to control and prevent user account sharing. Our product is a multi-tenant system which supports calls from millions of applications, from a wide range of devices, daily.

We will dive into the challenges and solutions we used in order to keep our service level agreements. That is…under 10 milliseconds response time when supporting tens of millions of concurrent users.