Andrei Oprisan

Andrei Oprisan

Software Engineer at Adobe


Andrei is passionate about computers and software engineering ever since he was 12 and he had to hack his computer password on a Windows XP OS because his parents wanted to limit his access while they were not at home. 😔

Four years of computer science in high school, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science later, he works as a Software Engineer at Adobe, based in Bucharest, Romania. 👨‍💻 🇷🇴 Andrei and his teammates develop and operate highly available, mission-critical systems with peaks of traffic over 20 million requests per minute. That’s like the whole population of Romania.

Contributing to this kind of systems passionates he deeply. It comes with a lot of challenges from which he and his teammates have much to learn. Learnings that he would like to share with the community.

One of my professional goals is to massively contribute to a software system which could withstand the entire human population accessing the service at once, with 0 downtime. 🌍 🗺



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2nd of November 2020


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3rd of November 2020


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4th of November 2020

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