Claus Ibsen

Claus Ibsen

open-source enthusiast and software developer @RedHat


Claus Ibsen (@davsclaus) is an open-source enthusiast and software developer. He’s co-leading the Apache Camel project, a project used for integration; which he has been working on full time for more than a decade. Currently Claus is working on expanding Camel into cloud-native and serverless with the latest innovations of Apache Camel K and Camel Quarkus.

With passion and enthusiasm Claus evangelizes about Apache Camel, Java and open source by being active on social media, writing blogs and books, speaking at conferences, etc. Claus is also active in other open source projects such as Apache ActiveMQ, Eclipse Vert.x, Fabric8, Hawtio, and Quarkus.

Besides being a JavaChampion, Claus is also a member at Apache Software Foundation.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he has worked as a software developer, architect, and consultant for over a decade. He is based in Denmark.



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2nd of November 2020


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3rd of November 2020


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4th of November 2020

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