Kubernetes FTW!

02.11.2020, 09:30-17:30
Workshop, EN
This course is focused on most commonly used Kubernetes features. It will provide practical tutorials and real life examples of deploying distributed applications, managing networking primitives (load balancers, proxies), setting up persistent data storage, dynamic configuration management and many other interesting features that are built into the core of Kubernetes.
•    Introduction and container basics
•    Architecture: master node, worker nodes, etcd, kubelet, controllers
•    Anatomy of a pod: main container, init containers, sidecars, volume mappings, labels, probes
•    Anatomy of a service: traffic routing, labels, service types: node port, cluster ip, load balancer
•    Working with complex deployments: namespaces, pods, deployments, replica sets, stateful sets
•    Persistent volumes: volumes types, volume resizing, volume snapshots
•    Configuration management: config maps, secrets, integration with service discovery, reloadable configurations
•    Integrating with service mesh: mTLS, failover, timeouts, failure-injection, smart routing, observability
•    Cluster security with RBAC
•    Working with Helm charts
•    Advanced topics: Custom resource definitions, Kubernetes API integrations, Kubernetes Operators