Implementing AI – Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Keras

02.11.2020, 09:30-17:30
Workshop, EN

Deep Learning is a branch of machine learning that utilizes neural networks. But how does a neural network work, and how does deep learning solve machine learning problems? In this workshop, you will learn how to get started with deep learning using one of the most popular frameworks for implementing deep learning – TensorFlow. You will also use another API – Keras, which is built on top of TensorFlow, to make deep learning more user-friendly and easier.


  • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
    • Perceptron and Neural Networks Layers
    • Weights and Biases
    • Activation Functions
      • Softmax
      •  ReLu
      • Leaky ReLu
  • Backpropagation
    • Loss Functions
      • Binary cross entrophy
      • Categorical cross entrophy
      • Mean-squared error
    • Optimizers
      • Gradient Descent,
      • RMSprop,
      • Adam
  • Using Keras with TensorFlow
    • Image Classifications
    • Text Classifications
    • Custom Image Recognizer
  • Using Pre-Trained Models

Attendees should bring along their own laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Anaconda (Python 3.7) installed.