Do not run-away! Oracle Performance for the Uncertain

03.11.2020, 15:30-16:30
Talk, EN

It’s eternal. Autonomous Database yes, Self-driving maybe – at the end, one of us has to put boots on the ground if there are shortcomings in real throughput or latency. In the cloud, analysis is a bit harder, on-premises has a few features less. The Oracle RDBMS is changing, but architecture, the way how it works and its limitations are still very similar on all platforms. One dilemma will stay with us: Using precious and finite resources efficiently, while valuable time passes mercilessly.

With this background, I’d like to show you in theory and practice, how Oracle uses resources. How you can analyze with Oracle’s on-board tools what currently is going on, and how you derive from that how to proceed. There is much to influence the runtime behaviour: We’ll talk about Queueing Theory, Wait Events, AWR/Statspack, ASH, Indexes, Statistics, the optimizer, software developers, users and the janitor.

Even runaways are a topic of this entertaining session: They will bite you one day, and you have to be aware!

This talk was made for experienced Administrators and DevOperators, who whant to learn more about about performance analysis and its background.